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Anti UV hat ?

Hats protect from the sun, but they do not all protect the same.
Like sunscreens, which do not all have the same sun protection factor, a Soway hat will protect you 3 times more than a regular hat.
Soway is a French brand Made in FranceMade in France, the first in the world to have patented a hat combining these 3 qualities:

  • Sun Creme
  • Anti-infrared
  • Lightweight

Wearing a Soway anti-UV hat will effectively protect you from UV rays, while guaranteeing you unparalleled comfort. Lightweight, breathable and anti-infrared, your hat will not heat up in the sun and you will keep it on your head longer.

Soway hats offer very high sun protection, UPF 50+ (cotton has an average UPF of 15).

Certified with Australian sun protection standard (the most severe).

When the infrared rays of the sun hit our skin, we feel heat.
Soway hats repel infrared, so they do not heat up in the sun (up to 10 ° cooler under a Soway hat).

Weighing less than 100g, Soway hats are the only featherweight hats that offer both super high sun protection and stay cool under the sun.

Plus, they roll up in their pouch (provided with purchase)!

Partner of Dermatology Congresses since 2014, Soway is recommended, thanks to its unique patent, by more and more dermatologists to best protect their patients who are hypersensitive to the sun (melanomas, carcinomas, etc.).

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children sun protection hat cap

Protect children

Preserving the sun capital from childhood by protecting in particular the most commonly exposed parts such as the face and neck is essential.
The sun capital can not only be maintained, but it can also be made more efficient with appropriate sun protection from childhood. Numerous studies have shown that the skin capitalizes on the sun protection received during childhood.

Regular application of appropriate protection during childhood and adolescence can reduce the risk of skin cancer in adulthood by almost 60%.
Of course, wearing a hat does not exempt you from sunscreen, sunglasses and a T-shirt!

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