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A beautiful summer on the Ile de Ré with headwear Comme au Marché.

Sun, hats, beaches and shells…, the millinery Comme au Marché is the hat specialist. So come as you are, as you want, she will take care of everything for you.
She will find you your hat from S to XXL for the bike, the boat, the beach ..., with chin strap or piece of foam to shrink your hat. For the boat,

Comme au Marché will offer you hats that do not fear water or the sun, such as the Tilley, Soway and Winnipeg brands.
Your headwear always cultivates choice and quality with French reference brands like Chapoté, Fléchet, or prestigious brands like Borsalino, Stetson, City Sport, Bailey, Panniza, Akubra. Find the essential chic and relaxed Panama, matched with the mask or not ... eternally topical. So many hats to offer or to offer, because this is a gift that looks great.

New: your headgear presents a collection of wonderful and sumptuous original and unique bow ties that will brighten up your summer outfits.

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